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rapper Drake spotted wearing a Rolex 228396TBR

Rapper Drake spotted wearing Rolex


VIP: Drake
Description: 40mm Rolex Day-Date 40 featuring an ice blue Roman dial with quadrant motif, on a president bracelet
Brand: Rolex
List Price: unknown
Market Price (estimated): $180,000

Canadian rapper Drake made headlines during a recent basketball game between the Toronto Raptors and the Los Angeles Lakers. The music artist and avid watch collector was spotted wearing an exquisite Rolex Day-Date 40 Platinum watch, which is a luxurious timepiece that is definitely worth a closer look.

The watch is an exquisite piece of art, with an ice-blue Roman dial adorned with quadrant motifs. The president bracelet gives the watch a very sophisticated look, making it stand out in a crowd. The watch is made of platinum, which is the rarest metal used in watchmaking, adding to its exclusivity.

The center of attraction in this watch is the bezel, which is decorated with 40 trapezoid-cut factory diamonds. These sparkling diamonds on the bezel are truly a work of art. The timepiece's market price is estimated at $180,000.00+ USD, which makes it a highly exclusive product for the elite.

The watch reference is 228396TBR-0004, and it is a very distinct timepiece that definitely showed off Drake's love for the finer things in life. With a luxurious watch like this on his wrist, Drake became the talk of the town and made a statement about his impeccable style.

In conclusion, the Rolex Day-Date 40 Platinum is a watch that perfectly captures the essence of luxury and elegance. Its intricate design, exquisite materials, and flawless craftsmanship make it a timepiece that would make any watch lover envious. It goes without saying that Drake's choice of watch during the Raptors and Lakers game was a testament to his love for expensive and rare things.

rapper Drake spotted wearing a Rolex

Drake wearing Rolex

18k yellow gold "Chrome Hearts" 40mm Rolex Day-Date with a baguette diamond bezel and baguette diamond hour markers

Ref. unknown List Price: unknown


rapper Drake spotted wearing a Rolex 6239

Drake wearing Rolex

18-carat yellow gold 300 pieces limited Rolex Daytona 'Paul Newman' reference 6239

Ref. 6239 List Price: unknown


rapper Drake spotted wearing a Rolex 116506

Drake wearing Rolex

Platinum Rolex Daytona With an Ice Blue Dial With 8 Baguette Cut Diamonds As Hour Markers and a Brown Ceramic Bezel

Ref. 116506 List Price: $70,000