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athlete Federica Pellegrini spotted wearing a Rolex 116200

Athlete Federica Pellegrini spotted wearing Rolex


Description: Stainless steel Rolex Datejust
Brand: Rolex
Ref: 116200
List Price: €6.750
Market Price (estimated): unknown

Federica Pellegrini, the Italian swimmer and current world record holder for the women's 200m freestyle, is not only known for her incredible performance in the pool but also for her impeccable taste in luxury watches. She has been spotted wearing a classic stainless steel Rolex Datejust with a smooth bezel, oyster bracelet, and a blue sunburst dial with applied Roman indices.

This particular model, the Ref. 116200, was an iconic design for Rolex enthusiasts as it exudes sophistication and elegance. However, the model was eventually discontinued, and it is now only available in a white configuration.

With a list price of €6,750, the Rolex Datejust is a solid investment for those who appreciate the combination of style and functionality. It features an automatic movement, a waterproof case, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, making it not only stylish but also durable.

If you're a fan of Federica Pellegrini and her exquisite taste in luxury watches, you might want to consider getting yourself a Rolex Datejust. Although the blue sunburst dial with applied Roman indices might no longer be available, the white configuration is still available and equally stunning. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a Rolex Datejust and join the league of watch aficionados.

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