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footballer Neymar Jr spotted wearing a Rolex

Footballer Neymar Jr spotted wearing Rolex


Description: Rolex Lady DateJust Full covered with Diamonds in Yellow Gold
Brand: Rolex
List Price: unknown
Market Price (estimated): unknown

Neymar Jr Spotted in Style at Monaco Grand Prix with Diamond-Covered Rolex Lady DateJust

Neymar Jr, the Brazilian football superstar and fashion icon, made a stunning appearance at the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix, not only with his impeccably tailored suit and designer sunglasses, but also with his dazzling Rolex Lady DateJust watch embellished with diamonds all over its case, bezel, dial, and bracelet. The luxurious timepiece, which combines elegance, functionality, and exclusivity, showcases the renowned craftsmanship and innovation of Rolex, a brand synonymous with prestige and excellence.

The Rolex Lady DateJust, originally launched in 1957 as the first automatic wristwatch with a date display and an elegant yet robust design, has evolved over the decades to keep pace with the changing tastes and needs of women who value both form and function. The latest version of the Lady DateJust, introduced in 2020, features a 28mm case made of the finest materials, such as 18 ct white gold, yellow gold, or Everose gold, and a fluted or gem-set bezel that enhances its sporty yet refined look. The dial options range from classic black or white to lustrous mother-of-pearl or sunburst motifs, complemented by diamond or Roman numeral hour markers and luminescent hands. The Lady DateJust also offers various bracelet choices, including the prestigious President bracelet with its semi-circular three-piece links, or the flexible Oyster bracelet with its flat three-piece links.

What distinguishes Neymar Jr's Lady DateJust from the regular ones is the lavish amount of diamonds that cover every visible surface, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of light and shadow. Rolex uses only high-quality diamonds that meet its strict standards of beauty, integrity, and sustainability, and applies its proprietary techniques to ensure their optimal setting and alignment. The result is a watch that not only tells the time accurately and reliably, thanks to its in-house automatic movement, but also adds a touch of glamour and extravagance to any outfit or occasion.

Neymar Jr is known for his passion for luxury and style, and his choice of the diamond-covered Rolex Lady DateJust confirms his impeccable taste and appreciation for fine watchmaking. As a global ambassador for several prestigious brands, including Nike, Red Bull, and DAZN, Neymar Jr represents the fusion of sport, entertainment, and fashion, and inspires millions of fans around the world to pursue their dreams with determination and creativity. His presence at the Monaco Grand Prix, one of the most glamorous and exciting races in the Formula One calendar, further highlights his status as a true icon of contemporary culture and an ambassador of excellence.

footballer Neymar Jr spotted wearing a Rolex 226679TBR

Neymar Jr wearing Rolex

18K White Gold Rolex Yachtmaster Factory Set With A Diamond Pave Dial And Diamonds Around The Bezel and Lugs On The Oyster-Flex Bracelet

Ref. 226679TBR List Price: $130,000