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royal Abdul Mateen spotted wearing a Patek Philippe 5131/1P

Royal Abdul Mateen spotted wearing Patek Philippe


Description: 40mm platinume Patek Philippe World Time, which has a reading of all 24 time zones
Ref: 5131/1P
List Price: $150,000
Market Price (estimated): unknown

The Prince of Brunei, Abdul Mateen, has made headlines recently for his expensive choice of wristwatch. Mateen, who is the tenth child and fourth son of the sultan of Brunei, is the proud owner of a 40mm platinum Patek Philippe World Time watch. This stunning timepiece features a reading of all 24 time zones, making it a functional and luxurious accessory for the jet-setting prince.

The Patek Philippe World Time watch is not just a beautiful piece of jewelry, it also boasts advanced technology that allows it to keep track of the time in any location across the globe. With its sleek platinum enclosure and striking blue dial, this watch is the epitome of luxury and style. Mateen's particular reference, the 5131/1P-001, comes with a price tag of around $150,000.00 USD, making it a true investment piece.

While the Patek Philippe World Time watch is not the most expensive timepiece on the market, it is certainly a statement piece that reflects the Prince's wealth and impeccable taste. Mateen's choice of this watch shows his love for luxury and his willingness to invest in high-quality and functional accessories.

In conclusion, the Prince of Brunei sets an example to watch enthusiasts and fashion-minded individuals, of how a piece of jewelry can exude luxury, sophistication and tell an extensive story about the owner's background. If you're in the market for a statement piece like Mateen's Patek Philippe World Time, be prepared to spend a pretty penny. However, when it comes to luxury and style, it's often said that you can't put a price tag on perfection.