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watchmaker Jacob Arabo spotted wearing a Jacob & Co

Watchmaker Jacob Arabo spotted wearing Jacob & Co


Description: CEO of Jacob & Co, Jacob Arabo with $18M ' Billionaire' watch with 260 carats of emerald-cut diamond At centre is a rectangular watch dial that features skeletonised movement It’s handcrafted, too and
Brand: Jacob & Co
List Price: £11,428,936)
Market Price (estimated): unknown

Jacob Arabo, the CEO of Jacob & Co, has done it again! He recently unveiled his latest creation, 'The Billionaire' watch, which has taken the world of luxury watchmaking by storm. This stunning timepiece features 260 carats of emerald-cut diamond, making it one of the most dazzling watches ever created.

At the center of the watch is a rectangular dial with a skeletonized movement, allowing you to admire the intricate inner workings of the watch. The watch is also handcrafted and equipped with a tourbillon escapement, ensuring its accuracy and precision.

The price for this masterpiece is a staggering $18 million in the US and £11,428,936 in the UK. This exorbitant price reflects the exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality materials used in the watch's construction.

Jacob Arabo is no stranger to creating stunning luxury watches, having previously designed the 'Billionaire Watch' which featured 239 emerald-cut diamonds and came with a price tag of $18 million. His latest creation, 'The Billionaire' watch, is sure to captivate watch enthusiasts and luxury aficionados alike.

In conclusion, 'The Billionaire' watch is a testament to the unparalleled expertise of Jacob Arabo and his team at Jacob & Co. It represents the pinnacle of luxury watchmaking and is sure to be cherished by its lucky owner for generations to come.

watchmaker Jacob Arabo spotted wearing a Jacob & Co

Jacob Arabo wearing Jacob & Co

Jacob & Co Opera Godfather '50th Anniversary' in 18-carat white gold, with an engraved "Godfather 50 years" logo on the case back

Ref. unknown List Price: unknown