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footballer Cristiano Ronaldo spotted wearing a Patek Philippe 5102G

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo spotted wearing Patek Philippe


Description: Patek Philippe 5102G Grand Complication "Celestial" in white gold
Ref: 5102G
List Price: $260,000
Market Price (estimated): unknown

Cristiano Ronaldo has made history yet again by becoming the first ever billionaire footballer, according to Forbes. Not only is Ronaldo making waves in the football industry, but the Portuguese footballer is known for his luxurious lifestyle and notable fashion choices. At a charity event in 2013, Ronaldo was spotted wearing a rare and fine Patek Philippe 5102G Grand Complication "Celestial" in white gold. This exclusive timepiece was first introduced in 2002 and features a detailed sky chart of the Northern Hemisphere, moon phases and moon orbit, the time of the meridian passage of Sirius and the moon. The Patek Philippe 5102G Grand Complication "Celestial" is a remarkable timepiece that is no longer in production and has a last known retail price of $260,000.00 dollars. Ronaldo's fashion choices are not only luxurious but priceless as well.