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singer Post Malone spotted wearing a Artisans De Genève

Singer Post Malone spotted wearing Artisans De Genève


Description: Custom Artisans De Genève Submariner Personalised upon request by Football Legend, Andrea Pirlo Pirlo wanted to transform timepiece to reflect values of ‘Precision and elegance’ in life and on field
List Price: unknown
Market Price (estimated): unknown

Singer and musician Post Malone recently made headlines by sporting a customized timepiece by Artisans De Genève. The Submariner Personalised was a special request from Italian football legend Andrea Pirlo, who wanted a timepiece that reflected his values both on and off the field.

The customized watch comes with Artisans De Genève's signature skeletonized dial, which adds an element of transparency and gives a new vision to the movement. Pirlo, who values precision and elegance, found the watch to be a perfect representation of his values. Although the UK list price is currently unavailable, the watch has gained immense popularity amongst watch enthusiasts and is a true testament to Artisans De Genève's craftsmanship.

The Submariner Personalised is one of the many unique creations from Artisans De Genève, a Swiss luxury watchmaking company that specializes in customizing and personalizing watches. Their pieces are known to encapsulate the wearer's values and personality, providing a one-of-a-kind statement accessory.

In conclusion, the Artisans De Genève Submariner Personalised has gained a lot of attention for its unique design, functional features, and personalized touch. Whether you're a fan of precision and elegance, or a watch enthusiast looking for a statement piece, the Submariner Personalised is definitely worth considering.

singer Post Malone spotted wearing a Rolex

Post Malone wearing Rolex

Talking to @GQ about Rolex Deepsea which was given to him by agent for Birthday Post Malone's Rolex has an engraved back which reads 'Happy 21st Austy-Dre'

Ref. unknown List Price: £8,050


singer Post Malone spotted wearing a Rolex 126755SARU

Post Malone wearing Rolex

Factory Set 18K Rose Gold Rolex GMT II with Rubies and Sapphires Around Bezel as well as a Diamond Pave Dial and Diamonds Running Through Bracelet

Ref. 126755SARU List Price: £160,000