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designer Giuseppe Zanotti spotted wearing a Rolex 326139

Designer Giuseppe Zanotti spotted wearing Rolex


Description: White gold Rolex Sky-Dweller with black dial on an alligator leather strap
Brand: Rolex
Ref: 326139
List Price: €25.000
Market Price (estimated): unknown

Giuseppe Zanotti, renowned Italian entrepreneur and stylist, has been making waves in the world of fashion for years. Not only is he the founder of a successful fashion house, but he also has a distinct sense of style all his own. One aspect of his wardrobe that has caught the attention of many is his watch – a stunning white gold Rolex Sky-Dweller with a black dial on an alligator leather strap.

The Rolex Sky-Dweller is a highly coveted timepiece among watch enthusiasts and collectors alike. It is revered for its innovative design, which features a dual time zone display and an annual calendar system. The black dial on Zanotti's watch provides a bold contrast against the white gold case and alligator leather strap, resulting in a striking and elegant look.

This particular model, Ref.326139, has a market price of €25,000. While this may seem like a significant investment, it is important to note that Rolex watches are highly sought after and tend to retain their value over time. Plus, for someone like Zanotti, who is constantly in the public eye and attending high-profile events, a high-quality and sophisticated timepiece like the Sky-Dweller is essential.

In addition to its functional features, the Sky-Dweller also serves as a fashion statement. Zanotti's alligator leather strap adds an element of luxury to the watch, making it an excellent accessory for any upscale event or occasion. Overall, the combination of style and functionality that the Rolex Sky-Dweller offers is why it remains a top choice among watch enthusiasts, and why it is an excellent addition to Zanotti's wardrobe.

footballer Paul Pogba spotted wearing a Rolex 116576TBR

Paul Pogba wearing Rolex

Platinum Rolex Daytona Factory Set With 36 Baguette Cut Diamonds Around The Bezel and 437 Diamonds In The Pave Dial

Ref. 116576TBR List Price: unknown