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singer Adam Levine spotted wearing a Rolex

Singer Adam Levine spotted wearing Rolex


Description: Rolex Daytona Paul Newman
Brand: Rolex
List Price: unknown
Market Price (estimated): unknown

Adam Levine, the American singer and songwriter, is known to be a big watch enthusiast, with a particular affinity for vintage Rolex timepieces. In fact, he is one of the most prominent celebrity collectors of vintage Rolex watches.

One of Levine's favorite vintage Rolex watches is the Daytona Paul Newman with a black dial, a highly sought-after model among watch enthusiasts. This particular watch is named after the famous American actor and race car driver, Paul Newman, and is easily recognizable by its unique design elements. Its sporty and elegant look, combined with its intricate details, has made it a treasured piece among collectors.

Levine's choice to don this watch in public is a testament to his appreciation for vintage timepieces and their value as a fashion statement. Rolex's classic designs and precision craftsmanship are what make these watches stand out and attract the attention of collectors like Levine.

As a vintage Rolex collector and enthusiast, Adam Levine is a true connoisseur of fine watches. And with his love for classic designs and high-quality craftsmanship, it's no surprise that he has chosen to wear the Daytona Paul Newman with a black dial in this picture - a true masterpiece of vintage watchmaking.

singer Adam Levine spotted wearing a Rolex

Adam Levine wearing Rolex

Rolex GMT Master II in 18K Yellow Gold 40mm with Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire set bezel and Diamond pavè dial

Ref. unknown List Price: unknown


singer Adam Levine spotted wearing a Rolex 6241

Adam Levine wearing Rolex

Vintage Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 6241 "John Player Special" in 14K yellow gold with Exotic Paul Newman dial

Ref. 6241 List Price: unknown