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television presenter Ellen spotted wearing a Rolex 116655

Television presenter Ellen spotted wearing Rolex


VIP: Ellen
Description: 18KT Everose Gold Rolex Yachtmaster with a Diamond Paved Dial
Brand: Rolex
Ref: 116655
List Price: £33,000
Market Price (estimated): unknown

Ellen DeGeneres, the well-known TV presenter, was recently seen wearing the newly released 18KT Everose Gold Rolex Yachtmaster watch with a diamond paved dial. This luxurious timepiece has quickly become one of the most talked-about accessories of the season.

With its stunning gold finish and dazzling diamond accents, the Rolex Yachtmaster is the perfect choice for anyone looking to make a statement with their style. It's no surprise that Ellen, who has always been known for her bold fashion choices, chose to showcase this piece on her wrist.

This particular model, reference 116655, is priced at £33,000 on the UK market. While this may be a significant investment for some, it's likely that many fans will be clamoring to get their hands on this stunning watch.

Not only is the Rolex Yachtmaster an impressive addition to any outfit, but it's also a highly functional timepiece. With its reliable Swiss movement and water resistance up to 100 meters, it's also the perfect choice for those who love to spend time on the water.

In conclusion, Ellen DeGeneres has once again solidified her status as a fashion icon with the addition of the 18KT Everose Gold Rolex Yachtmaster watch to her collection. With its stunning design and impressive functionality, it's sure to be a must-have accessory for anyone looking to elevate their style game this season.

television presenter Ellen spotted wearing a Rolex 6538

Ellen wearing Rolex

38mm Rolex Submariner 'James Bond Big Crown' in stainless steel reference 6538

Ref. 6538 List Price: unknown