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footballer Sergio Ramos spotted wearing a Rolex 126655

Footballer Sergio Ramos spotted wearing Rolex


Description: 18K Everose Gold Rolex Yachtmaster on a Oysterflex Strap
Brand: Rolex
Ref: 126655
List Price: £21,900
Market Price (estimated): unknown

Sergio Ramos, the star defender for Real Madrid, has been in the headlines recently for more than just his impressive plays on the football pitch. He was spotted wearing an exquisite 18K Everose Gold Rolex Yachtmaster on an Oysterflex strap. The watch, with reference number 126655, is a symbol of luxury and elegance, and the fact that a football player like Ramos chose to wear it only adds to its allure.

The Rolex Yachtmaster is known for its robustness, precision, and reliability, ensuring that it can withstand the harsh conditions of life at sea. The Everose Gold model adds a touch of luxury to the watch, making it an even more attractive option for those seeking high-end timepieces.

The Oysterflex strap is a unique feature of the watch, made from a metal blade that is then coated with high-performance elastomer, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit on the wrist. The strap is also resistant to saltwater and UV radiation, making it the perfect accessory for a day out on the water.

The price of the Rolex Yachtmaster with reference number 126655 is listed at £21,900 in the UK. While it may seem like a steep price to some, the features, precision, and style of the watch are worth every penny for those with a taste for luxury.

In conclusion, Sergio Ramos' choice of the 18K Everose Gold Rolex Yachtmaster reinforces its status as a symbol of luxury and quality. This watch is not just a functional timepiece but also a fashion statement that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. If you're looking to up your style game, the Rolex Yachtmaster is definitely worth considering.