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singer Ozuna spotted wearing a Richard Mille RM 55

Singer Ozuna spotted wearing Richard Mille


VIP: Ozuna
Description: Richard Mille RM 055 "Bubba Watson" in ATZ White Ceramic
Ref: RM 55
List Price: $125,000
Market Price (estimated): unknown

Puerto Rican artist Ozuna, known for his chart-topping reggaeton hits, has been spotted wearing a Richard Mille RM 055 "Bubba Watson" timepiece. This luxurious watch features a skeletonized, mechanical movement made of grade 5 titanium, which offers exceptional durability despite its light weight. The baseplate and bridges of the watch have also undergone special processing, using PVD and Titalyt® treatments to enhance both their resilience and their overall aesthetic appeal.

One of the most striking features of the Richard Mille RM 055 "Bubba Watson" is its stunning ATZ white ceramic case. This ultra-hard material is made by combining aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide, and it is renowned for its ability to resist scratches, impacts, and other types of damage. The ceramic case also imbues the watch with a sophisticated, modern look that is sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it.

Of course, all of this luxury and craftsmanship comes at a price. The Richard Mille RM 055 "Bubba Watson" typically sells for around $125,000.00, making it an investment piece that is designed for serious watch collectors and admirers of fine craftsmanship. However, for those who appreciate the art of watchmaking and desire a timepiece that combines cutting-edge technology with timeless elegance, this watch may be worth every penny.

singer Ozuna spotted wearing a Rolex 128235

Ozuna wearing Rolex

Rolex Day-Date "Eisenkiesel" 128235 in 18k rose gold details with brilliant-cut diamonds

Ref. 128235 List Price: $98,750


singer Ozuna spotted wearing a Rolex 116758SARU

Ozuna wearing Rolex

Rolex GMT-Master II in 18k yellow gold where the black diamond dial has been set with rubies and sapphires

Ref. 116758SARU List Price: unknown


singer Ozuna spotted wearing a Patek Philippe 5720/2G

Ozuna wearing Patek Philippe

18K White Gold Patek Philippe Nautilus Factory Set With Diamonds Around Entire Watch with a Special Enamel Phoenix which Covers Dial

Ref. 5720/2G List Price: £550,000