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football manager Andrea Pirlo spotted wearing a Artisans De Genève

Football manager Andrea Pirlo spotted wearing Artisans De Genève


Description: Custom Artisans De Genève Submariner Personalised by Man himself entire skeleton and beveled 3130 movement, openwork dial, carbon insert for sporty look, each element embody technicality and elegance
List Price: unknown
Market Price (estimated): unknown

Becoming The New Juventus Manager: Andrea Pirlo's Personalized Submariner Watch

Andrea Pirlo's recent appointment as the new manager of Juventus has set the football world buzzing. However, it's not just his newfound role that's turning heads. The former midfielder was recently spotted wearing a Custom Artisans De Genève Submariner watch, personalized by Pirlo himself.

This exclusive watch boasts a skeleton and beveled 3130 movement, openwork dial, and carbon insert for a sporty look. According to reports, each element of the timepiece embodies both the technicality and elegance of Pirlo.

While the UK List Price for the watch is currently unavailable, the uniqueness of Pirlo's personalized timepiece has undoubtedly added to its value. It's no secret that sportsmen often splurge on luxury watches that reflect their personalities and achievements; Pirlo's Submariner is a prime example.

For fans and collectors, this piece is both a marker of Pirlo's legacy as a world-renowned footballer and an ode to the athlete's sense of style. Plus, it's a clear tribute to his new role as manager of one of the world's most successful football teams.

In conclusion, the personalized Submariner watch worn by Andrea Pirlo has become a significant talking point among football enthusiasts and watch collectors alike. As the highly anticipated Juventus season approaches, we can only wait to see whether Pirlo's timepiece proves as iconic as his unique style of gameplay.

football manager Andrea Pirlo spotted wearing a Patek Philippe

Andrea Pirlo wearing Patek Philippe

Custom Patek Philippe Aquanaut By Artisans De Genève inspiration As DNA Defined By Previous Project, A skeleton Cut, Blue Azzurro and Rose Gold

Ref. unknown List Price: unknown