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footballer Karim Benzema spotted wearing a Patek Philippe 5712G

Footballer Karim Benzema spotted wearing Patek Philippe


Description: Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712G-001 in white gold with slate grey dial matched with a black alligator strap
Ref: 5712G
List Price: $43,400
Market Price (estimated): $55,000

Karim Benzema, a star player of Real Madrid C.F., recently captured the attention of watch enthusiasts with his classy and luxurious timepiece. In one of his latest posts, he was seen wearing the iconic Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712G-001 in white gold with a slate grey dial and a black alligator strap.

This stunning watch features a comprehensive slate grey dial that showcases hours, minutes, small seconds, date, moonphase, and a power reserve indicator. A true masterpiece, the Patek Philippe Nautilus is highly regarded for its exceptional precision, durability, and functionality.

Although this exquisite timepiece retails at $43,400.00, it is highly sought-after and often sells for around $55,000.00 dollars in the market. This striking watch is a true symbol of luxury and sophistication, and it is no surprise that Karim Benzema chose to wear it during one of his recent posts.

If you are a watch enthusiast or simply appreciate the finer things in life, the Patek Philippe Nautilus is an exceptional investment that is sure to impress. With its timeless design, exceptional craftsmanship, and superior functionality, this watch is a testament to the legacy of one of the world’s most prestigious watchmakers.