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actor Suriya spotted wearing a Rolex 228235

Actor Suriya spotted wearing Rolex


VIP: Suriya
Description: Rolex Day Date in Rosegold
Brand: Rolex
Ref: 228235
List Price: $43,700
Market Price (estimated): $60,000

Saravanan Sivakumar, popularly known as Suriya, is one of the most prominent actors in the Indian film industry. The talent and charm of this Tamil superstar are undeniable, and his recent public appearance has caused a buzz in the media world. The reason behind it – Suriya was spotted wearing the incredible Rolex Day Date Ref M228235-0004, which has an approximate market price of $60,000 or Rs.49, 42,000.

The Rolex Day Date is a classic watch model that has been popular among celebrities and elites worldwide. Its elegance and style set it apart from other luxury watches, and it's not surprising that Suriya chose to wear it to an event. The watch features a sleek black dial, 18 ct gold case, and a President bracelet with semi-circular three-piece links. The watch also has a day and date display, making it a versatile timepiece for any occasion.

Suriya's choice of wearing this exquisite timepiece is a testament to his refined sense of style, not to mention his love for luxury watches. It also puts the spotlight on the Rolex Day Date model, which has been a symbol of luxury and sophistication for decades. This trendsetting actor and producer have a towering presence in Tamil cinema, and his choice of accessories no doubt reflects his reputation.

In conclusion, it's not every day that we get to see celebrities sporting such luxurious watches. Suriya's appearance in the Rolex Day Date Ref M228235-0004 is a treat to behold for fans and watch enthusiasts. And if you're thinking of investing in a luxury watch, the Rolex Day Date does not disappoint. So, why not follow in Suriya's footsteps and experience the elegance and prestige that comes with owning one of the world's most iconic watches.

singer Davido spotted wearing a Rolex 228235

Davido wearing Rolex

40mm Day-Date in 18-carat rose gold with an olive green dial featuring Roman numerals dial

Ref. 228235 List Price: unknown


rapper Lazza spotted wearing a Rolex 228235

Lazza wearing Rolex

Rolex Day-Date 40 oyster perpetual in 18-carat everose gold with an Eisenkiesel dial

Ref. 228235 List Price: unknown