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actor Ludacris spotted wearing a Ritmo Mundo

Actor Ludacris spotted wearing Ritmo Mundo


VIP: Ludacris
Description: Ritmo Mundo Persepolis
Brand: Ritmo Mundo
List Price: unknown
Market Price (estimated): unknown

Ludacris, the renowned American rapper and actor, has been known to sport some of the most exquisite and luxurious watches in the entertainment industry. In the 2009 movie Fast Five, Ludacris was seen sporting a sleek Ritmo Mundo Persepolis watch that perfectly complemented his stylish ensemble.

The Ritmo Mundo Persepolis watch is a stunning piece of craftsmanship that combines innovation, technology, and style all in one. It features a polished stainless-steel case with a unique, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial that provides a clear view of the time. The watch is powered by an automatic, self-winding movement, and comes with a genuine leather strap that is both comfortable and durable.

As Ludacris gears up for the latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, F9, he will once again be showcasing another exquisite model from the same brand, Ritmo Mundo. Although the specific model has not been disclosed, we can expect it to be nothing short of exceptional.

Ritmo Mundo is a brand that has been gaining popularity in recent years for its distinct designs and precision engineering. The brand's watches are popular among Hollywood celebrities and other notable individuals, which is a testament to the quality of their products.

If you're a fan of Ludacris or just appreciate high-end watches, then the Ritmo Mundo Persepolis watch, and other models from the brand are definitely worth considering. Not only are they stylish and eye-catching, but they also offer cutting-edge technology and practical functionality. Keep an eye out for Ludacris's watch in F9, and you may just find yourself wanting to add a Ritmo Mundo watch to your collection.

watchmaker Jacob Arabo spotted wearing a Jacob & Co

Jacob Arabo wearing Jacob & Co

Jacob & Co Opera Godfather '50th Anniversary' in 18-carat white gold, with an engraved "Godfather 50 years" logo on the case back

Ref. unknown List Price: unknown