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footballer Paul Pogba spotted wearing a Richard Mille RM30

Footballer Paul Pogba spotted wearing Richard Mille


Description: White Ceramic Richard Mille RM030 ‘White Rush’ [Limited to 50 Pieces]
Ref: RM30
List Price: £105,000
Market Price (estimated): £160,000

This weekend, the nations of Europe are gearing up for one of the most hotly anticipated football tournaments of the year - the Nations League! Manchester United player Paul Pogba is ready to take on the competition, and he's not just showing his skill on the field. Pogba was recently spotted wearing a stunning White Ceramic Richard Mille RM030 ‘White Rush’ [Limited to 50 Pieces] watch.

The watch is a thing of beauty, and it's no surprise that Pogba would choose such a stylish accessory to wear. The watch is not only a statement piece but also an important tool for time management in the fast-paced world of professional football. Pogba is not the only celebrity fan of Richard Mille - other famous personalities who have worn the brand include Rafael Nadal, Jackie Chan, and Pharrell Williams.

The watch that Pogba was sporting has a list price of £105,000 (or $140,000), making it a top-of-the-line luxury timepiece. However, its current market value is even higher, at £160,000 (or $220,000). Despite the hefty price tag, it's clear that the watch is a favorite among football stars and luxury enthusiasts alike.

As Pogba prepares to lead Manchester United to victory this weekend, he'll have his trusty Richard Mille watch by his side. This limited edition timepiece is both functional and fashionable, and it's sure to turn heads wherever it goes. With a winning attitude and a stylish accessory like this, Pogba is sure to come out on top at the Nations League this weekend.

footballer Paul Pogba spotted wearing a Rolex 116576TBR

Paul Pogba wearing Rolex

Platinum Rolex Daytona Factory Set With 36 Baguette Cut Diamonds Around The Bezel and 437 Diamonds In The Pave Dial

Ref. 116576TBR List Price: unknown