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singer John Mayer spotted wearing a Patek Philippe 5065A

Singer John Mayer spotted wearing Patek Philippe


Description: Piece unique Patek Philippe "Aquanaut" John Mayer
Ref: 5065A
List Price: unknown
Market Price (estimated): unknown

John Mayer, a well-known artist admired for his guitar skills, is also widely recognized for his love for timepieces. Recently, he was spotted wearing his piece unique "Aquanaut" watch. It is exclusively made by Patek Philippe, a renowned brand, for Mr. Mayer himself.

The Aquanaut timepiece is a 5065A model made of stainless steel, featuring a 38mm case with an OD Green dial and rubber strap. The watch boasts luminous hands and hour markers, some with red details. Since the watch is a one-of-a-kind piece, there is no list or market price as it was a special order made for John Mayer.

Although it is hard to determine a specific value for the watch, collectors suggest that it could fetch hundreds and thousands of dollars on an auction. However, given John Mayer's unfettered passion for watches, it is highly unlikely that he will part with his beloved Aquanaut timepiece.

In conclusion, John Mayer continues to impress fans and watch collectors alike by proudly displaying his rare and unique timepiece. This Patek Philippe Aquanaut has become a precious addition to his already impressive watch collection.