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singer John Mayer spotted wearing a F.P. Journe

Singer John Mayer spotted wearing F.P. Journe


Description: F.P. Journe Èlègante in titanium with an entirely luminescent dial
Brand: F.P. Journe
List Price: $18,750
Market Price (estimated): $45,000

John Mayer wears an F.P. Journe Èlègante in titanium with an entirely luminescent dial, and it's no surprise that this watch is a rare find. The F.P. Journe manufacturer only produces around 900 watches per year, making it a luxurious and highly sought-after brand.

What makes the Èlègante even more impressive is its electromechanical movement, Calibre 1210. This feature allows the watch to have an autonomy of more than 8 years thanks to a mechanical motion detector visible at 4:30. With this kind of longevity, owning an F.P. Journe Èlègante watch is not only a sign of wealth but a smart investment.

The watch's retail price is $18,750.00, but the market price is currently listed at $45,000.00, proving that this timepiece is not only a fashion statement but a valuable asset as well.

If you're a watch enthusiast, it's no wonder you'd want to add an F.P. Journe Èlègante to your collection. With its impressive features and limited availability, it's a luxurious and smart choice for any watch collector.