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actor Sylvester Stallone spotted wearing a Rolex 116579SA

Actor Sylvester Stallone spotted wearing Rolex


Description: Black dial 40mm Rolex GMT-Master II in 18k white gold with a diamond and black sapphire-set bezel
Brand: Rolex
Ref: 116579SA
List Price: unknown
Market Price (estimated): $97,000

Sylvester Stallone is a name that has become synonymous with Hollywood legends. The American actor, director, and producer has been an integral part of the movie industry since 1969 and is still regarded as one of the most popular and beloved actors of all time. But beyond his acting prowess, Stallone is also known for his impeccable taste in fashion and accessories, especially when it comes to luxury watches.

One particular timepiece that has caught the attention of many is Stallone's black dial 40mm Rolex GMT-Master II in 18k white gold. This stunning watch is truly a sight to behold with its diamond and black sapphire-set bezel adding an extra touch of class and luxury. With a market price of $97,000.00 USD, it's clear to see why this watch is highly coveted by watch enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The watch reference for Stallone's beloved Rolex GMT-Master II is the 116579SA. A quick search online reveals that this watch has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people looking to mirror Stallone's iconic style. The watch's sleek and stylish design, combined with its impressive functionality, make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a high-end luxury watch.

In conclusion, Sylvester Stallone's Rolex GMT-Master II is a true symbol of luxury and style. His choice of watch reflects his keen eye for fashion and his appreciation for the finer things in life. Whether you're a fan of Stallone's movies or simply love watches, the Rolex GMT-Master II is definitely a timepiece worth considering. Its impeccable design, functionality, and celebrity endorsement make it a true icon in the world of luxury watches.