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royal Abdulaziz Al Rasheed spotted wearing a Richard Mille RM 67-02

Royal Abdulaziz Al Rasheed spotted wearing Richard Mille


Description: Richard Mille RM 67-02
Ref: RM 67-02
List Price: $290,000.00
Market Price (estimated): unknown

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Rasheed, a prominent figure in the world of collecting, has recently been spotted wearing the Richard Mille RM 67-02, a timepiece made in collaboration with the renowned Olympic Jumper Mutaz Barshim. As a native of Kuwait, Dr. Al Rasheed takes pride in wearing a watch that represents the colors of the Qatari flag, paying homage to Barshim's birthplace.

The RM 67-02's caseback and bezel are crafted in quartz TPT, while the case structure is made using carbon. Its lightweight design makes it easy to wear on any occasion as it weighs a mere 32 grams, including the strap.

This limited-edition watch has a list price of $162,000, but on the market, it goes for around $290,000. Its exclusive design, in collaboration with a leading athlete, and Richard Mille's reputation for crafting exquisite timepieces, make the RM 67-02 a highly sought-after collector's item.

As a seasoned collector, Dr. Al Rasheed's choice in watches is impeccable. The Richard Mille RM 67-02 is a masterpiece that showcases both the brand's dedication to precision engineering and Mutaz Barshim's excellence in jumping. Indeed, this watch is an epitome of style and sophistication, and it's no surprise that it has caught the eye of one of the world's most renowned collectors.