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rapper 50 Cent spotted wearing a Richard Mille RM11

Rapper 50 Cent spotted wearing Richard Mille


VIP: 50 Cent
Description: Richard Mille RM11 'Black Phantom' | Limited to 50 Pieces |
Ref: RM11
List Price: £123,000
Market Price (estimated): unknown

Rapper 50 Cent has been spotted wearing one of the most exclusive and coveted luxury watches in the world - the Richard Mille RM11 'Black Phantom'. This ultra-limited edition timepiece is part of a collection restricted to only 50 pieces worldwide, making it a true collector's item.

Crafted from a range of cutting-edge materials, the RM11 'Black Phantom' offers exceptional durability and precision, while remaining undeniably stylish. Its one-of-a-kind design combines titanium, ceramic, and carbon TPT for a unique, sporty look.

And, of course, exclusivity comes with a price tag. The UK list price for the RM11 'Black Phantom' is a staggering £123,000. But for those with the means to acquire such a piece, the limited edition status and high-end craftsmanship make it a worthwhile investment.

As for 50 Cent, his taste for luxury timepieces has been on full display for years, and the Richard Mille RM11 'Black Phantom' is just the latest in a long line of impressive watches he has been spotted wearing. Whether as a fan of high-end horology or simply looking to stand out from the crowd, there's no denying the appeal of this exclusive and striking timepiece.